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Growers, breeders, consumers, buyers and all allied industries all linked together in the flower business by Flower Dynamics...

Southern Africa is one of the leading production bases, market place and a new emerging global distribution centre for all types of cut flowers, foliage, pot plants and allied products.

Supply and demand often come from various corners of the globe. From the producers in various different climatic and cultural locations in the region to potential customers globally who know nothing about each other but, who know that there is a potential basket containing an abundance of floral products, that there is demand within their own consumer markets and huge potential development towards new assortments of products.

With the knowledge from the start of the cut flower/foliage/pot plant production to local, regional and international demand requirements in the consumer markets, Flower Dynamics works towards the development of an integrated linkage towards the entire industry. From the creation of production sites by interlinking existing and new products from the breeders that Flower Dynamics represents, leading to advancements in production techniques, new packaging, transportation, streamlining information and development of trend-setting ideas. In other words, offering the right service in development, distribution and sales for both selling and buying parties and working towards a total integration of the supply chain from start to end.

The Flower Dynamics business blends into all forms of the industry and locations through project development, employment, people enhancement and development, training, sustaining communities, media involvement, planning, promotions, awareness, plant material, packaging, transportation, allied products, services, joint ventures, trading, commerce, e-commerce, setting trends and creating merging links with other industries. This is the spearhead in the provision of services by Flower Dynamics to its clients worldwide.

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Project consulting

What product can I grow? What investment and what is the return on investment? What facilities are required ie. climate, soil, water, labour, management, time, training, plants, propagation, planting, soil treatment, irrigation, pack houses, processes, packing, post harvest, transportation, quality, market and marketing advice, as well as shipping, etc, etc - this is the typical information required for any project and this information can be supplied by Flower Dynamics.

For any specific enquiries on plant materials and project consultation please complete the order/enquiry form below and email it to us.

Natural product development

Breeder representation

Flower Dynamics works closely with the leading breeders/product developers of a wide assortment of cut flowers, foliage and pot plant products from Holland, France, Belgium and Italy in the development of new products and increasing the value of existing products with new technological advancements of production of products in order to increase the value to its end-customer and the producer.

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Flower Dynamics